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WorkLight for Retail Banks allows retail banks to securely deliver to customers personalized account information balances and transaction updates via familiar web 2.0 tools such as RSS, widgets/gadgets, personalized home pages, and instant messaging. Using these convenient means to deliver highly relevant, personalized information directly to users’ desktops, WorkLight relieves customers of the need to log in to and navigate through complex portals and thus substantially enhances the customer experience. This strengthens customer ties reduces customer attrition, and provides secure conduits for up-selling additional products and services, all without requiring changes to the bank’s applications or requiring customers to install client software.

WorkLight Benefits for the Retail Bank:

Increases customer up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
by establishing a direct marketing channel with customers, and by providing a completely personalized, opt-in method to transmit offers and messages

Creates “stickiness” and reduces customer attrition

Reduces financial liability
by creating an easy-to-use, interactive customer service channel.

Reduces customer service overhead,
by creating an easy-to-use, interactive customer service channel.

Saves the organization money
by promoting the use of cost-effective Internet operations.

Promotes a positive brand image
since the bank is seen as a trusted partner who provides valuable information on a regular basis.

Promotes an innovative image
by being highly responsive to customer needs and making use of the most innovative technologies.

WorkLight Benefits for the Customer:

Saves the time and effort
of repeatedly logging in to and struggling through the bank’s web site to see account information.

Reduces the stress and anxiety
associated with bank errors. Through constant access to current account status, anomalies are detected immediately and can be rectified before damage occurs.

Reduces financial liability
by helping customers:

Eliminate missed payments (and subsequent late charges)

Catch identity theft immediately

Become aware of relevant offers (refinancing, credit card, investments, etc)

Download the WorkLight for Retail Banks Product Sheet or read customer case studies